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Welcome to Belle Aimée Med Spa Laser & Cosmetic Center

Belle Aimée Med Spa, Laser & Cosmetic Center, located in Hampstead NH, is a full-service medical day spa. Dedicated to providing safe and effective treatments in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. We are proud to offer treatments for men, women, teens and pregnant moms. Our services are all provided using medical grade products.

We now offering Kybella Injections


With Kybella, the newest submental-fat-reduction option, patients can rid

themselves of that unwanted double chin.


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Reduce those troublesome areas with


SculpSure a body contouring treatment that reduces body fat without intrusive surgery.  The treatments last less then 30 minutes with no down time afterward.


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Although we love children, Belle Aimée is not insured for children in the spa. We want all our guests to enjoy a peaceful experience at our spa. Please make arrangements for a sitter before coming to your scheduled appointment. If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment we require a 48 hour notice.

The NEW Hollywood Craze - Straight from the West Coast


Vitamin Therapy has been used by celebrities and industry insiders for years. Belle Aimée now offers this service, which can take from 30-60 minutes.


Get an IV Boost | A powerful shot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants delivered directly into the bloodstream. Many celebrities, such as Rihanna who even Tweeted a picture of herself receiving the treament, are raving about this new procedure!

Living with Diabetes

Diabetes and Pedicures: Do they go together?


"Whether you feel you have nice feet or not, your feet are an important part of your life. My grandmother used to tell me that my feet were my foundation. As you know, if the foundation cracks or collapses the whole building is in trouble."......


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Foot care isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity…

Most of us spend very little time thinking about our feet, and even less time actively taking care of them.  Yet by age 50, the average American logs 75,000 miles on the pair, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Foot disorders in older people are very common and can lead to pain and disability.  If you have diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or another health condition that cause lack of sensation in your feet, you need to check them carefully every day…having frequent pedicures ensures that your feet will be  checked for fungal issues, cuts, splinters, blisters, patches of dry skin on soles of feet, and wounds that don’t heal.


Many of us take for granted or assume that our feet are suppose to ache now and then.  After all, we put them through their paces every day, and giving the feet the care and attention they need and deserve is a step in the right direction.

Cheryl Husson, LNT, “licensed in New Hampshire” specializes in natural nail care & Gel manicures using high quality natural products. She also specializes in diabetic pedicures with superior attention to detail with outstanding client care to make them feel exceptional.

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