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Fractional Laser Treatment

The Cynosure 1540 laser (Non -Ablative Fraxel) treatment improves Skin Texture, Upper Lip tightening, Scar Reduction or Total Clearance,  Sun Damage, Pore Size, Acne Scars, Stretch  Marks with as little as 3-6 treatments. This fractional 1540 laser allows a more comfortable treatment with a rapid recovery.  The patient typically can return to normal activities immediately, with only 1-3 days of minimal redness and swelling. Make up may be applied 1-4 hours later.


Fractional Non-ablative skin resurfacing uses hundreds of tiny high-precision micro beams to create narrow, deep columns of tissues coagulation into the medium layers of the skin. During the natural healing process, new collagen is formed thus bending scars and stretch marks and improving skin texture, wrinkles, and sun damaged skin.  A topical Anesthetic is applied to the treatment area.


Various Microlenses for customized treatments:


XF™ Microlens: High –speed, non-ablative fractional resurfacing with increased surface typically allows for a full face, 1-2 passes on the skin is done.


XD™ Microlens: Non-ablative fractional resurfacing that uses point compression and a unique lens designed to allow for a greater depth of penetration.  3-6 passes.

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