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"I wanted to write to let you know how much I love the spa pedicures that Cheryl gives. She is so friendly and always does a great job! My mom and I travel an hour to get our pedicures done by Cheryl. It is so worth it!! As long as she is there we will always come back!"  -Mailee


"I won a massage, facial and pedicure at the Womans Expo in Manchester NH and just had all 3 done! What a great experience! The staff is wonderful I can't wait to go back and try some of the other treatments they offer!" -Priscilla W.


"Nancy rocks! Gave me the best massage of my life!" -Ashlyn C.


"I would like to send a customer satisfaction praise to Nancy Primo for years of great service at her job at Belle Aimee! Wouldn't go anywhere else."



"I remember I was sitting in a Math class in the tenth grade and a girl leaned over to me and said "Your skin is flawless". To me, that was the ultimate compliment, but the next semester my face was completely covered in acne. I had no idea what had happened and I spent the next 5 years in doctors, dermatologist appointments, experiments with different prescriptions, home remedies, changing my diet, nothing helped, it only got worse. Being a professional ballet dancer, I was distracted by my acne wondering if the audience could see my acne from stage or if my dance partners were disgusted by my skin, I know I was. I felt as if I looked unhealthy, dirty, and careless. My acne got to the point where it hurt to put my face on my pillow to sleep at night and I didn't want to leave the house. It ruined my confidence, affected my everyday life and I  started to prepare myself for a lifetime filled with acne.


At 24, my mother found Lisa at Belle Aimee and we decided to try one last thing before I gave up or tried accutane. When I met with Lisa, she confidently told me that she would clear up my skin and I wouldn't have to live like this. I didn't think anything else would work, but figured it would hurt. After about three months not only did the pain of my blemishes subside, but my skin was clearing up! By a year I could not believe what I was looking at in the mirror, smooth, healthy looking skin. I could actually look in the mirror and people in the eye.


Lisa has not only changed my skin, but has helped changed my life and I hope she knows that. I tear up when I think about how much she has helped me, not only on the outside, but the inside as well. Lisa is a big the reason why I have confidence I have now, I would never forget what she has done for me.

It wasn't about having "perfect" skin, it was about having healthy skin. My friends, family, and coworkers would tell me my skin was glowing and noticed the difference, and my favorite compliment I have ever received was, "You have movie star skin."


Lisa took so much time and effort to give me clear skin. She is such a talented, passionate, intelligent, and caring woman, anytime I receive a compliment on my skin, I think of Lisa and how she transformed me. Thank you Lisa." -Catherine B.



“Belle Aimee Med Spa "gets it right" with their five star service, welcoming environment and very friendly staff.  From the receptionist to the technicians, nurse and doctor they demonstrate care for the client and go through great lengths to provide personalized service that meets your individual needs. I have had several different treatments at Belle Aimee Med Spa all with successful results. Even though, it's a bit of a drive for me to get to Hampstead, NH, it's well worth the time because I never feel like I'm rushed or just a number. I highly recommend Belle Aimee Med Spa because of their expertise, customer care with competitive and reasonable prices. If your looking for that big city med spa result but with an intimate environment and friendly staff, I highly recommend Belle Aimee Med Spa for your relaxing med spa needs.” - Raquel, NH


"THANKS! My skin feels wonderful, ready to let the sun shine on my fresh face! I really appreciate it :)" - Liv, NH


“Awesome skin courtesy of Belle Aimee, best it has ever been at age 30!” - Amber, UNH NH


“Acne is not as inflamed, after just one treatment!” - Barbara, Bedford NH


“I would have never thought that was my derriere in the before pictures, I’m so glad with the outcome of my treatments.” - Joan, Haverhill MA


“My son has made Honor Role after his acne treatments and he was a D,F student.  I feel it is because he is more confident with himself without acne.” - Lisa, Salem NH


“I can see less hair follicle after two treatments.  Plus my hair is not growing in as coarse as it was before this hair removal treatment.” - Rob, Derry NH


“My skin is much softer and feels and looks a lot better from having vela smooth for just one week.  I wish I started this years ago.” - Sarah, Hampstead NH


“I can see the change in the firmness of my legs.  I have been working out for years and couldn’t get to this point.  Now this machine is painless, and only 20 minutes of my time.” - Lauren, Manchester NH


“The redness of my face has changed. My face is more even throughout.  Now I’m not covering up my face when I’m out, I can walk proud.” - Susan, Atkinson NH


“The staff at Belle Aimée was so professional and knowledgeable that I have now referred my mom and friends to them for treatments.” - Marie, Concord NH

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