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Therapeutic Skin Masks (40 MIN)

This is the perfect treatment for anyone at any age.  It will make your skin smoother, restore sheen and luster, and even out the color of your skin. Our skin mask line is intended to be applied to the face and then left in place, so that its nourishing, powerful ingredients can be absorbed within the tissue. While you relax and enjoy the pleasant fragrance of the product, our Skin Mask collection goes to work to treat common skin care issues, such as signs of aging and dehydration and problematic skin.  When the treatment is finished, the mask will reveal your healthier, revitalized skin.


•  Clarify - Therapeutic Salicylic Acid Mask provides soothing purifying action while promoting a clear complexion. (Not Recommended for patients with aspirin allergy)

•  Texturize - Therapeutic Pumpkin Mask improves the appearance of rough –textured skin, leaving a glowing complexion following this treatment.

•  Revitalize - Therapeutic Papaya Mask calms and exfoliates skin, leaving it smooth and glowing.

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