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Vitamin Therapy has been used by celebrities and industry insiders for years. Belle Aimée now offers this service, which can take from 30-60 minutes.


Myers’ Cocktail plus is an IV Vitamin with a balanced combination of Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin B-5, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12, and Vitamin C. The Myers’ Cocktail Plus includes the above as well as a multi-vitamin.


People ask why IV therapy is better than taking a pill. People who suffer from inadequate amounts of vitamins and minerals not only suffer from reduced immune function but more often than not, the skin appears like it is in the state of malnutrition. Breakouts, uneven skin tone, dull skin, flaky skin and eczema are often the result of malnutrition and unabsorbed nutrients. IV therapy is the administration of liquid solution directly into a vein.

Vitamin IV Therapy

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In the case of Vitamin IV, the vitamins are injected directly into your bloodstream rather than absorbed throughout your stomach after being routed through your digestive system. The direct route offers far better absorption than the vitamins you can take in pill, tablet or liquid form. For Example, Digestive diseases are extremely prevalent and may prevent proper digestion of minerals and vitamins.


Crohns’s disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Lactose Intolerance, Colitis, ulcers and Diarrhea can all prevent proper absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream. Another example of why IV may be better than pill form is Celiacs. Celiacs are people who for genetic reasons lack the proper enzymes to digest gluten in their gastrointestinal tract. So, Celiacs who are taking vitamins in pill form are unable to absorb the vitamins and the benefit of having taken anything at all passed through the GI tract.

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