Med Spas VS Day Spas: What is the Difference?

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Med Spas and Day Spas may look and feel very similar but what you don’t know is what is behind the scenes, you should consider the needs & desired outcome of what you are trying to obtain, before throwing good money after bad.

Physician- supervision is mandatory in a Medical Spa.  It is not nor is there a Physician connected to the spa.  Med Spas offer high strength medical services that yield more visible results in a shorter amount of time. Day spas offer quick fixes but don’t have the experience, expertise, or Medical Grade equipment to be able to do so.  Medical Spas use medical grade devices, medications, and ingredients used for treatments that would require a prescription and all of these procedures require extensive advanced training.  Our staff takes on going courses, including Dr Cammilleri, to continue to be an innovative leader in the field of aesthetics.

Day spas are often and operated by non-medical personnel.  You should always ask, “Who is your Medical Director?” and be able to readily receive that name. Treatments in Day Spas are limited to what can be bought out of a supply catalog.  They will give you lots of fluff and buff, but will not treat you with anything that will give you long lasting results, as they are often what you as the consumer can buy over the counter. The results may be more relaxing but as for results they will be temporary.

The Procedures and treatments that you will find at Belle Aimée Med Spa Laser & Cosmetic Center are much more advanced.  The services include but are not limited to: all Facial Fillers and Facial Freezers (like Botox) medical grade, Medical Grade chemical peels, Laser treatments such as skin tightening, port wine stains, stretch marks and non-ablative facial resurfacing.   IPL treatments include: Dry Eye treatment for the person with dry eyes and high costing prescriptions, this is a much less inexpensive treatment and for those that have done this treatment with us it has been a wonderful experience with a great outcome!  Permanent hair removal, facial resurfacing, removing sun spots, freckles, age spots, red spots and brown spots, and nasal vein removal are also under IPL. Our  unique Cynosure Laser, IPL machine we are able to do these services all summer long. How you ask? It’s a unique piece of equipment called the “Skintel”.  Skintel measures the melanin in the skin and tells the Laser/IPL machine what the safe settings are.

Sculpsure:  The first of its kind that destroys 24% of all fat cells in one treatment.  The size of the treatment area is about 4 butter bars and much more inexpensive then the competitor in the market place today.  You will never see these fat cells again the area treated!

We also have a great weight loss program for you “Ideal Protein” to help you jump start and stay on a diet that is people have successfully lost and maintained their weight loss.

Belle Aimée Med Spa Laser & Cosmetic Center combines medical and mechanical with the traditional spa experience. At Belle Aimée Med Spa Laser & Cosmetic Center a Non- ablative procedure may be in progress in one room while a Medical Facial is happening in another.  We have the traditional Pedicures & Massages to meet every ones needs and we do special occasion parties where you can rent the spa for the day or evening. Treat your employees to something special!

Visit us at or call 603-329-6233 to schedule your free tour and consultation. We would love to show you the difference we can make at Belle Aimée Med Spa Laser & Cosmetic Center.

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