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IF YOUR EYES APPEAR SMALL, we suggest the following:

Define your eyebrows so that the frame to your eye is defined. Apply a soft muted shade in your crease. This will add depth and dimension to make your eyes pop! Put a light shade on your lid and shimmery one in your inner corner and brow bone. Keep in mind… light will make your eye look larger, while dark colors will make your eye look very small. When lining your eyes use a flesh tone in the inner rim. Use a rich liner in between your lashes alternating with a lighter and dark color to bring attention to your eyes.


Long Lashes? Do you remember them when they were long and lush? Back in our youth, you didn’t have to do anything they were just there and you could beat the crap out of them! Well, fast forward 10-20 years and if you don’t care for them, don’t worry – they won’t bother you as they will be gone! What is a girl to do? Let’s start by cleaning them. If you apply mascara during the day, you must take it off before bed, or your lashes will be in bed with you. Yes, mascara weighs them down and then they fall out! Clean mascara off before bed. Speaking of mascara, do not get the waterproof kind, it is extremely drying to your lashes, a sweat proof formula is perfectly fine. Volumizing mascara is meant to add volume to your lashes which could add a lot of weight to your lashes as well. The best one to use is lengthening mascara, keeping in mind you must remove before bed.


What is the answer? There are a couple of answers. First, hydration, with hyaluronic acid and ZO moisturizing crème. The second is that as we age, we lose volume in our cheeks and that is where we need cheek fillers to address the issue. By volumizing your cheeks, you find that most or all of your lines will leave your face.

Dr. Cammilleri is extremely talented and educated in the art of cheek and facial fillers. As we age, our lips will also need filling so that we have and show lips on our face! Feel free to make a consultation and discover the artist that he is in facial fillers, and discover a new you!!

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